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Olivé (ah-li-vey)Moisturizing Lotion

Olivé contains natural Olive Oil, Squalane (Squalene) and vitamins to improve your skin's health and apperance. It works to slow the loss of water through skin layers, relieves dry skin, eliminates apperance of ashiness and reduces scaling. Recommended for Adults. 8 oz. $9.99


Foaming Facial Cleanse

Body Luv Foaming Facial Cleanse mildly cleans, and promotes healing of your skin, It leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated. 7 oz. $9.99


Shower Gel

Olivé Shower Gel mildly cleanses, hydrates, promotes natural healing and leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed. 8 oz. $8.99


Spa Bath Bar

For a perfect bath experience, indulge your skin with Olive and Squalane spa soap. 6.00