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Founded in year 2000, Kingdom Business, Inc. offers quality skincare products for personal use. Our philosophy in business is integrity, quality and service above all else. We don't believe that the customer is always right, however we do pledge to always treat the customer right!


We are proud to introduce Olivé Body Luv Bath and Beauty Products. These products are the outgrowth of research begun by Kingdom Business, Inc.'s owner and Masters level nutritionist. Based upon her knowledge, she incorporated Olive and other fruit oils, vitamins and skin nutritients for the best possible skincare. For example, Olive Oil is a recognized anti-aging agent, because of its natural regenerative properties. Another special ingredient is Squalene, essential to fetal tissue formation, and is in abundant supply all during childhood. Unfortunately it diminishes significantly in adulthood, corrres-ponding with increased aging as well. The Olivé Body Luv skincare Line has four skin-loving products, including: Gel Moisturizing Lotion and Spa Bar for the bath, (Foaming Facial Cleanse & Shower Gel - not yet available) These products work to reduce moisture loss, promote natural healing, skin hydration and eliminate scaling of your skin.

Professional Debut

Debued in Orlando and Birmingham at one of the largest professional beauty trade shows - Premiere Beauty Shows - Olivé products were well received by thousands in the beauty field. To learn more about our Bath and Beauty line, click on the Introduction Narration page.

Olivé Body Butter, a new formulary will be coming soon. We are continually researching new products, so be sure to visit our site for product updates.